So I had a great set of conversations this evening – not least with Lawrence Mann, whose art work can be found here and is likely to do a cover for a series of books for Alternative Realities.

We also decided on our first two anthologies today – although that’s still top secret!

What I really want to talk about is timing though. There’s lots of hard work in creating anything of value and although we’re off to a great start we’ve got a lot to do before we forward with any products.

I’ve witnessed a couple of unfolding disasters over the last couple of days – and they are pretty tragic for those involved (for a relative value of tragic) and I was left reflecting on whether our own venture will do any better, deliver any more than so many of those who’ve come before us.

I can’t say we’ll do any better until we’ve done it (or not). I hope we will. Matt and I are very driven guys used to getting stuff done ™ and I hope that will translate into success. However, one thing we will do is be professional. The other thing we’ll do is aim to be realistic and try to achieve exactly what we set out to do in plausible time frames.

That means we’re only going to do two anthologies in this first year. We want them to be the best they can be – from the stories to the production values and that means it will take time to get it right.

Although if you fancied reviewing them we’d like to book a slot with you now! Because the other art in getting stuff done is knowing what needs to be done when. 🙂