The last couple of days have been super busy. And I’m not talking about the day job.

We’ve seen a ton of submissions for our open windows on the Summer’s End and Broken Bones & Ten Dollar Bills anthologies. The newsletter has brought us someone wanting to pitch for the next anthology!

I’ve also finished editing my sequel to A Family War, worked more with Lawrence Mann on the cover, worked with the editor on the first book around layout and have begun talking to people about reviews and my own role in the dreaded marketing.

Then Age of Ascent picked up again – I’ve spent this evening on catching up with the game team there and working out component lists, reviewing a new story for them and working on building out the finer details of the world. Things like scarcity, building ships, cooperation among players and other background tasks.

Then there’s the new book my Matthew Sylvester I’m going to start editing tomorrow.

Did I say I was busy?? Nah, just enjoying myself.