My book is out (nowish) but definitely tomorrow. It’s being published by – which I’ve said about ten times. However, this post is really about the rush of what has to happen in the last few moments before someone puts your book out into the wild.

I’ve had to review the book about five times over the last three days – for cover, for the testimonial from Adrian Faulkner, for the dedication and to ensure that I’m happy with what’s going to be sold.

It’s a weird feeling because you read it with a suddenly paranoid eye and when something jumps out, you immediately worry that there are a hundred other issues that you’ve been too word blind up until that point to see. You’re filled with anxiety. Or at least, I have been.

Then you have friends who want to read it (which is amazing) but it simply fills you with the kind of dread that their faith is completely misplaced. I’ve been worrying that all I’m going to get over the next few months is a chorus of embarrassed “well I bought it but I’ve been terribly busy/frightened/hard working/milking and haven’t had time to read it” which I see as code for “I hated it from the first syllable.”

On top of that I asked if we could do some stuff on pricing – you know, allowing people who buy the paperback to have a free ebook too. Some of it was possible, some of it is impossible. The mechanics of why seem arbitrary and are, genuinely, beyond the control of the press.

Then there are people who you’ve got to tee up for reviews or interviews or even shout outs because they’re a)important, b) you know it has to be done or c) they’re just good people trying to do you a good turn.

The mechanics of it have been nerve-wracking for me – not because they’re difficult but because they mean I have to face the facts that this little baby of mine is about to enter the world and be judged, sorry, I mean enjoyed…

So I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t that’s ok too. Either way, I’ll be over there under the bed trying not to look but secretly refreshing the sales figures every three or four seconds.