The paperback of my book’s been delayed as the publisher wrestles with Amazon’s listing requirements and something funny where when they uploaded the file the formatting went mad.

This is disappointing but a useful lesson – I think.

I reckon I’ve learnt that after a few years waiting to get something out, well I don’t mind a few more days.

I reckon that as tempting as it was this morning to say to them ‘just press the button, I can live with dodgy indenting,’ I’m glad that I didn’t. I’m also glad that they responded with, nah, it’s worth getting right even if it is very annoying.

I also reckon that it doesn’t hurt the book itself. I think it would hurt more if it went out with rubbish errors like lines that start three tabs in.

Despite it being quite frustrating that the launch itself has become a non-event on the day that I’d hoped for, I think it still works and I still have a (quiet) confidence that the story I’ve written makes its own case for its value.