I’m a sometime short and long fiction writer. I’ve also been writing for a computer game called Age of Ascent – which you can find here along with 7 stories I’ve written in that world.

I currently have two novels and a collection of shorts out with a third novel due next year:

Published by Alternative Realities

A Family War
A People’s War

Tales of Wild Light

Published by Abaddon

Tangle’s Game

As it stands I’ve also had quite a few stories published in the following anthologies:

The Last Diner published by Knightwatch Press
Terror Tree Pun Book of Horror Stories published by Knightwatch Press
Chip Shop Horrors published by Knightwatch Press
Cadavers published by Knightwatch Press
Potatoes published by Knightwatch Press
Grimm and Grimmer v2 published by Fringeworks
Stille! Untoten! Published by Fringeworks
Andromeda’s Children published by Fringeworks
Hidden Truths
We Can Improve You published by Boo Books
La Femme published by NewCon Press
Aliens published by Tickety Boo Press:
The Last City published by Dust Publishing

Not So Stories published by Rebellion
BFS Horizons 8 published by the British Fantasy Society

I’ve also edited the following anthologies:

Rom Zom Com
Chip Shop Horrors
Hidden Truths
Summer’s End